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Back with the big band with new songs in 2023…
13 JAN 2023

After an intense period of introspection and ‘what the hell is the point of even being a musician’ throughout and following the pandemic, I have decided it really is a lot of fun. Or more specifically, there is some sort of cosmic importance in trying to bring joy into the lives of others in any way you know how. For me, this has always been through songwriting. I care about it very deeply and good songs have changed my life for the better. If I can have this impact, even just on a few, my life will have had some greater purpose than if I just sat at home on the internet, right? So, without further adieu, we are back in 2023 on our double-drumming, vocal-harmonising, hook-laden business:

February 23: Manchester – The Peer Hat (tickets | fb event)
February 24: Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s (tickets)
February 25: Newcastle – Summerhill Bowling Club (tickets | fb event)
March 2: Wakefield – Establishment Music Hall (tickets | fb event)
March 6: Leeds – Brudenell Social Club (FREE ENTRY RSVP here | fb event)
March 9: Derby – Dubrek Studios (tickets | fb event)
March 10: Sheffield – Hatch (tickets | fb event)
March 11: Bolton – The Factory (tickets)
March 20: Portsmouth – Edge of the Wedge (tickets | fb event)
March 21: Bristol – Crofter’s Rights (FREE ENTRY RSVP here | fb event)
March 22: Newport – Le Pub (tickets | fb event)
March 23: Oxford – Port Mahon (tickets | fb event)
March 24: London – The Cavendish Arms (tickets | fb event)
March 25: Leicester – Duffy’s Bar (tickets)

March 21-25 are with Apollo Ghosts from Vancouver, Canada. We are psyched to be joining them on their UK run!

Hope to see you out there, it might be a while until the next one. Life is fleeting. Long live Living Body.

Head over to the ‘live’ page for tickets and more info!

Photo of Living Body on tour poster by Shaun Pugh


What else lies ahead…
27 JUL 2022

About a year ago, I wrote on here about “back to normal” anxiety, although I’m now not sure what “normal” even looked like. Do you remember?

I’m also not exactly sure what the future holds for Living Body. It doesn’t feel like we are “done” but being in a band seems to make even less sense than it did three years ago.

I have however been MIXING other peoples records over the past year including our own Harkin’s Honeymoon Suite and Mayshe-Mayshe’s upcoming LP (which she just hit her funding target for on Kickstarter – hell yeah, Alice!). These albums sound fantastic and I’ve really been enjoying being so immersed in other people’s songs. If you have a home recording and any questions, need mix help, production, arrangement or any other advice on how to make the most out of your setup to create something great, get in touch!

I still love everyone in this band and everyone who has ever shown us kindness, put us on or helped in any way. For those people who care, we will be back. I’m just not sure when.

PS above photo taken by the one and only George Hopper when he toured with us in Europe in 2017, which I recently unearthed. Hey, George!


What lies ahead…
25 MAY 2022

Can we talk about… “back to normal” anxiety? Anyone else feeling this?

Before the pandemic, I was able to insulate myself from the worst aspects of my own brain by refusing to relax: working, recording, booking, playing shows, etc. Not only has this past year+ highlighted how I was ignoring these problems, but also the many ways in which “normal” wasn’t working. We can’t wait to see you, play shows, go to shows, laugh and be breathed on by strangers, but this feels slightly premature and it’s not putting me at ease. Point being, we will be back. But when we do, I want it to be a fun, joyous experience. All being well, this will be only be a couple months away. We’ll see. We have only just starting talking about practicing again, which in itself even feels in some weird way like an achievement. Things are different now. If we go back to exactly how things were, we will have failed to make any meaningful change. We can do better.


New charity Christmas single out today + benefit live set…
11 DEC 2020

What a year. Today, we are releasing a new single about shared connections and hope in an era where our mutual sense of reality and time is evermore fleeting.

In an effort to destigmatise discussions around mental health during a season that can be difficult for many (and especially in a year that has been so difficult), it is my hope that my direct approach in using the song like a mantra to myself will enable others to feel more comfortable discussing their problems, if needed. 100% of ALL downloads from our Bandcamp before Christmas will be donated to Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service.

In the physical realm, we have vinyl copies of Body Is Working, Short Songs, vol. 2, our Mariah Carey 7″, a handful of t-shirts and tote bags and a HUGE festive bundle deal.

I recently played this song as part of a short set for the Vancouver-based Kingfisher Bluez benefit concert in aid of 1-800-SUICIDE, the Crisis Centre of British Columbia. The show took place in an enormous Zoom with hundreds of attendees and around 20+ artists, making it one of the most fun and seemingly-communal activities I’ve been a part of in months. As I didn’t play until almost 2am UK time, I’ve uploaded it here for everyone on this side of the world. Thanks to Tim for asking me to play and happy solstice planet earth.

Follow us on YouTube for more delights coming soon!


‘Short Songs, Vol. 2’ 7″ comp releases Record Store Day 2020…
29 AUG 2020

Kingfisher Bluez are releasing a new compilation of short songs (12 songs on a 7-inch!) today, featuring the track ‘I Do’. Here’s what people have been saying about it so far:

“short but memorable … high energy ripper” – Stereogum
“I want more!!” – Emily Pilbeam, BBC Introducing
“a sugarcoated critique of convenience capitalism” – Mix It All Up
“ever-so-sweet blast of American west-coast rock infused with the most effervescent shades of power-pop” – God Is In the TV Zine
“Jeff wrote to me in an email which I found amusing, ‘the song is dedicated to Jeff Bezos, who through his own questionable behaviour has managed to increase his personal wealth by 76 billion US dollars in the first 5 months of the COVID-19 pandemic’. I’m not sure where the relevance comes from with that, Jeff” – Joe Buckingham, Sine FM



Live benefit for Oporto and Music:Leeds…
17 JULY 2020

Last month, I was asked to play a benefit show for Music:Leeds’ series of streaming ‘Virtual House Gigs’ in aid of Oporto’s #saveourvenues campaign. At the time, I was marooned in Michigan on my own at the house I grew up in, temporarily unable to return to the UK, with a piano I played often growing up. This seemed like I had been presented with an ideal opportunity to play this weird solo set comprised of brand new unreleased Living Body songs, plus songs I wrote on this very piano about 15 years ago.


Make the most of it…
27 APRIL 2020

Here we are, all shows cancelled for the foreseeable future. We were due to play three shows in April as a two-piece, so we decided to “virtually” take these sets on the road.

Here are two live sets of completely different material performed for Wilderness Record Store in Manchester and The Lanes in Bristol. Originally aired over two weekends on Facebook live, now uploaded to YouTube for superior audio & video quality. Subscribe to our YouTube page as we’ll be rolling out more as the album progresses.

Merch sales definitely help during this time of emotional and financial uncertainty. Vinyl, CD’s, T-Shirts, and Tote Bags are available below. Everyone STAY SAFE out there!



Who knows what lies ahead…
18 MARCH 2020

Seems very odd to be announcing a tour right now. We’re living in very tumultuous times. Booking the last 2 shows of this run last week seemed to coincide with the ramping up of our own collective fear and uncertainty. We obviously want these shows to go ahead but also need to avoid putting ourselves and others at risk. This pandemic is going to hit society’s most vulnerable the hardest – the elderly, uninsured and underinsured, self-employed, freelance, low wage and gig economy workers, everyone in the service industry, and of course, venues and musicians. It’s very important to look after one another and offer support when needed, since the government doesn’t seem to give a shit about these people.

By all accounts, this is likely to spread exponentially, rendering any sort of public gatherings unfeasible. However, booking this was a lot of work. I guess I just want you all to know, I tried. We will incur losses from not being able to do these shows (our Bigcartel and Bandcamp is always open and we are ready to provide the soundtrack to your isolation in recorded form). We are going to monitor the situation over the next few weeks and keep you all in the loop. Take care and stay safe.

Bandcamp: https://livingbodylife.bandcamp.com/
Bigcartel: https://livingbody.bigcartel.com/

April 11: Cardiff – Wales Goes Pop! 2020! *
April 12: Manchester – Wilderness Record Store *
April 13: Leeds – Oporto *
May 21: Leeds – Lending Room ^
May 22: London – New River Studios ^
May 23: Bristol – The Lanes ^
May 24: Sheffield – Hatch ^
May 28: Newcastle – The Cumberland Arms ^
May 29: Glasgow – The Old Hairdressers ^
May 30: Edinburgh – The Wee Red Bar ^
May 31: Manchester – The Peer Hat ^

* 2-piece shows
^ 5-piece double drums shows


Guess who’s back…
8 JUNE 2018

Hey look, I know life is totally crazy and mixed up right now. Nonetheless, we’re very excited about this tour. It’s our first time touring with two drummers, as a 5 piece. We’ll have lots of new songs and we can’t wait to play them for you. See you out there, UK!

July 25: York – Fulford Arms (FB event / ticket link)
July 28: Topcliffe – Deer Shed Festival (FB event / ticket link)
August 3: Glasgow – Hug and Pint (FB event / ticket link)
August 4: Newcastle – Tyne Bar (FB event / free!)
August 22: Manchester – the Castle Hotel (FB event / ticket link)
August 23: Sheffield – Hatch (FB event / ticket link)
August 24: Leeds – Renegades of Chunk @ CHUNK (FB event / ticket link)
August 25: Cardiff – HUB Festival (FB event / ticket link)
August 26: Bristol – Crofters Rights (FB event / free!)
August 27: Portsmouth – Edge of the Wedge (FB event / ticket link)
August 28: London – Sebright Arms (FB event / ticket link)
August 29: Margate – Elsewhere (FB event / ticket link)
August 30: Derby – Dubrek Studios (FB event / ticket link)
September 1: Leeds – Brudenell Social Club (FB event / pay as you feel!)
September 5: Wakefield – the Establishment (FB event / ticket link)


Interview and live performance, straight from the heart of Wakefield…
3 JUNE 2018

Huge thanks to Alan Raw & the BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire team for inviting us onto the show to play a tiny version of ‘I Recollect’ and discuss creative endeavours in 2019’s increasingly digitiseable post-capitalistic-create-o-zone.

Listen via the following link on the BBC Sounds app!


Released as part of Long Division Festival’s 12″ compilation, New Addition: Vol. 1
31 MAY 2018

A live favourite from recent tours, our song penned for exercising the demons of capitalism has been released today thanks to the brilliant people at Long Division Festival.

Stream the track below, and pick up a copy of the 12″ for yourself at the Bandcamp page:

The track has already received praise from the kind folks at For The Rabbits, God Is In The TV and Spectral Nights! We’re also playing the festival tomorrow, which is super exciting!


We’re back for two UK shows with the legendary Joan of Arc
4 NOV 2018

In just TWO days we will briefly re-emerge from the hiatus-hole to play two shows with one of my all-time/lifetime favourite bands, Joan of Arc. Check us at:

November 6: Leeds – Brudenell Social Club (FB event)
November 8: London – Sebright Arms (FB event)

The OG LB lineup will play at both of these shows, in full effect. Big thanks to JoA for getting us involved. We can’t wait and hope to see some of your faces after this long time away!


Kingfisher Bluez Christmas 7″ released today + Basement Scene Festive Mixtape!
8 DEC 2017

A loooooong time in the making, we are thrilled to release our Christmas single ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You By Mariah Carey’. 7″ copies are on sale now, and all profits go to 1-800-SUICIDE, the Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC. You can order your copy below, with sweet 12″ + tote bag BUNDLE DEALS direct from the Living Body Webshop.

– UK/EU orders (7″ only) via the Living Body Webshop.
– 7″ and/or ‘Body Is Working’ 12″ + tote bag BUNDLE DEALS via the Living Body Webshop.
– USA + Canada order via Kingfisher Bluez.
– For downloads only, please visit the Living Body Bandcamp.

In other super-festive news, we have released a NEW Christmas mixtape, via the lovely people at Basement Scene. For those of you who may remember the Juffage’s Festive Party mixtapes of the past, this mix is a continuation of the theme, intended to be dubbed onto two sides of a C-90 cassette. You can stream below and check out the rest of the mixes here. That’s SIX HOURS of top-quality festive jamz.


‘Long Live Living Body’ totes on sale now + holiday surprises soon…
7 DEC 2017

The remaining tote bags from our past EU tour are now available from our online store.
We also have a super exciting surprise coming your way tomorrow… something else to put in your holiday shopping basket, plus sweet holiday bundle deals. Keep ’em peeled!


The incestuousness of the Leeds music scene, coming soon to a 7″ near you…
24 NOV 2017

Around the time I moved to Leeds in late 2009, the Leeds music scene appeared to be a tight-knit, yet welcoming place. I think things may have moved on a bit since (RIP Leeds Music Forum), but on a whole the Leeds scene still feels very positive, creative, vibrant, and organic. Within 4 months of moving here, I had already played 3 shows – one with Vessels, and another at the Brudenell where I met Katie Harkin. Four years later, the ‘Sonic Cauldron’ concert happened, and we formed this band, which would have never happened if the Leeds scene hadn’t been operating that way at the time. Further accentuating this, we now have a remix of one of our first songs, ‘Last Few True’, by Tom’s other project, Vessels.

Thanks to The Skinny for premiering this track, which will appear as a b-side to a 7″ (more info on that coming soon). In the meantime, why not have a listen below:


October/November will be our final tour for a while… join us!
11 OCT 2017

We’ve been all over the place the last year and a half since this whole thing started. From SŵN to SXSW and around 100 other shows since our first at Tramlines, it’s been non-stop. We just can’t keep doing this forever. We want to make a new album for you. These things take time, and it will probably be a while before we tour again. Let’s make this count:

October 21: Manchester, UK – Carefully Planned Farewell (ticket link / FB event)
October 22: Shipley, UK – The Triangle (FB event)
October 23: Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club (FREE / FB event)
October 27: London, UK – Birthdays (FREE / FB event)
October 28: Lille, FR – CCL (FB event)
October 29: Boulogne-sur-Mer, FR – Hijack Café (FB event)
October 30: Lyon, FR – Péniche Loupika (FB event)
October 31: Cremona, IT – Circolo Arcipelago (FB event)
November 1: Camposanto, IT – Fermata 23 (FB event)
November 2: Faenza, IT – Clan Destino (FB event)
November 3: Livorno, IT – Surfer Joe’s (FREE / FB event)
November 4: Perugia, IT – T-Trane (FB event)
November 5: Verona, IT – Red Zone (FB event)
November 6: Strasbourg, FR – Le Diamant d’Or (FB event)
November 7: Köln, DE – Autonomes Zentrum (FB event)
November 8: Oberhausen, DE – Druckluft (ticket link / FB event)
November 9: Paris, FR – L’Olympic Café (ticket link / FB event)
November 10: Brussels, BE – CHAFF (FB event)
November 11: Margate, UK – Tom Thumb Theatre (ticket link / FB event)
November 12: Bristol, UK – Exchange (ticket link / FB event)

August/September UK full-band tour
13 JUN 2017

So, I’m about to head to the US and Canada for a solo tour but when I return, we’ll be putting the full band together for a bunch of shows around the UK this summer:

August 11: Derby – Dubrek Studios (ticket link / FB event)
August 12: Milton Keynes – MK Gallery (ticket link / FB event)
August 13: Sheffield – Picture House Social (FREE / FB event)
August 16: London – Sebright Arms (FREE / FB event)
August 17: Cardiff – Gwdihw (ticket link / FB event)
August 18: Bristol – ArcTanGent Festival (ticket link / FB event)
August 20: Brighton – Green Door Store (FREE / FB event)
August 21: Oxford – The Library (ticket link / FB event)
August 24: York – The Basement (ticket link / FB event)
August 25: Manchester – Fallow Café (ticket link / FB event)
August 26: Leeds – This Must Be The Place (3:30pm @ Headrow House) (ticket link / FB event)
August 26: Leeds – Renegades of Chunk (9:30pm @ CHUNK) (ticket link / FB event)
September 8: Glasgow – Hug & Pint (ticket link / FB event)
September 9: Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s (ticket link / FB event)
September 10: Newcastle – Cluny 2 (ticket link / FB event)

These may be our last UK shows for a while before we start working on another album. 2017 is the year of touring. Big thanks to everyone who has came to see us so far this year. Why stop now? We’re pretty excited to make a big sound for you.


June/July solo tour coming up…
9 JUN 2017

Holy cow, I’m heading out on a solo West Coast tour to try and forget about the inevitable demise of humanity for approximately 14 days. The onslaught of daily life has meant that I haven’t toured the West Coast in a really long time, and I’m really excited to be going back.

June 26: Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge (free)
June 27: Flagstaff, AZ – Green Room (free)
June 28: Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom (free)
June 29: San Diego, CA – Til-Two Club (tickets)
June 30: Ojai, CA – Greater Goods
July 1: Hanford, CA – Fatte Albert’s Pizza
July 2: San Francisco, CA – Café Du Nord (tickets)
July 3: Arcata, CA – the Miniplex
July 4: Portland, OR – Bunk Bar
July 5: Seattle, WA – Vermillion
July 6: Tacoma, WA – The Valley
July 7: Bellingham, WA – Mosh Eisley
July 8: Anacortes, WA – Kennelly Keys
July 9: Vancouver, BC – The Astoria

More shows/info over on the live page.


2 UK festivals added in April + Daytrotter and BreakThru Radio sessions
20 APR 2017

Just flying back from our North American tour sitting in Schiphol Airport and what pops into my inbox? Not one, but TWO live sessions we recorded while on the road in the USA.

The first of the bunch is from the iconic Daytrotter, in Davenport, IA. We played this session as a two-piece to capture the stripped-down bare essence of these songs and harmonies. We love playing the songs in this way and are thrilled to have such great recordings of these versions, and to see our faces as cartoons. Have a listen now over at the Daytrotter website.

A couple weeks later in Brooklyn, we ended up in Dumbo at the BreakThru Radio live studio. The first video from the session is above, with several other songs and an interview at their website. Click here to stream/download the full podcast to hear the music and ramblings of three sleep-deprived people who have been sitting in a car for way too long.

Last but not least, we’ve added two UK festivals as soon as we get back:

April 28: London, UK – DIY Popfest (ticket link / FB event)
April 30: Salford, UK – Sounds From The Other City (ticket link / FB event)


Louder Than War premiere videos from our first ever show in Leeds
23 FEB 2017

Starting tomorrow, we’re hitting the road for the next two months across the UK, USA, and Canada. In acknowledgement of this colossal undertaking, the good people at Louder Than War have just premiered a series of live videos from our first ever concert in our hometown of Leeds. Watch above or via Youtube, and while you’re there, don’t forget to tap ‘subscribe’.


Tour Dates announced + Impose/GIITTV/Counterfeit features
8 DEC 2016 / Photo by Andrew Benge

Starting later this month, we’re headed out for a string of shows across the UK, USA and Canada. Why not come and see our faces at one of the (many) dates below?

February 24: Cardiff, UK – Clwb Ifor Bach
February 25: Bristol, UK – The Old England (FB event)
February 26: London, UK – Brixton Windmill
March 3: Sheffield, UK – Outlines Festival (ticket link / FB event)
March 7: Chicago, IL – Schubas (ticket link / FB event)
March 8: Moline, IL – The Island (FB event)
March 9: Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry (ticket link / FB event)
March 10: Des Moines, IA – Union House
March 11: Omaha, NE – Milk Run (ticket link / FB event)
March 12: Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge (FB event)
March 13: Oklahoma City, OK – Power House (FB event)
March 14: Wichita Falls, TX – The Deep End (FB event)
March 17: Austin, TX – SXSW – Esther’s Follies (ticket link / FB event)
March 18: San Antonio, TX – Limelight
March 19: Norman, OK – Resonator (FB event)
March 20: St. Louis, MO – Foam (FB event)
March 21: Bloomington, IN – The Void (FB event)
March 22: Columbus, OH – Double Happiness (ticket link / FB event)
March 23: Dayton, OH – Blind Bob’s
March 24: Harrisonburg, VA – Golden Pony (FB event)
March 25: Philadelphia, PA – Everybody Hits
March 26: Washington, DC – Black Cat (ticket link)
March 27: Brooklyn, NY – Alphaville (ticket link / FB event)
March 28: New Haven, CT – Cafe 9 (ticket link / FB event)
March 29: Boston, MA – O’Briens (ticket link / FB event)
March 30: Winooski, VT- The Monkey House
March 31: Newport, RI – The Cafe at Parlor (FB event)
April 1: Montréal, QC – Casa Del Popolo (ticket link / FB event)
April 2: Toronto, ON – Burdock (ticket link / FB event)
April 3: Buffalo, NY – Mohawk Place (FB event)
April 4: Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
April 5: Pittsburgh, PA – Palanzo’s Space
April 6: Akron, OH – Annabell’s
April 7: Toledo, OH – Ottawa Tavern (FB event)
April 8: Ypsilanti, MI – Grove Studios (FB event)
April 9: Detroit, MI – Trumbullplex (FB event)
April 19: Toronto, ON – Canadian Music Week (ticket link / FB event)

We recently spoke with God Is In The TV Zine, Myspace, and Counterfeit Magazine about past and future Living Body, Post-Brexitcore, Post-Truth, and the creative process. I also made a lengthy playlist exclusively comprised of bands from Leeds, West Yorkshire, that are somehow related to Living Body in one way or another for Impose Magazine.

The debut Living Body LP has been favourably received by Drowned In Sound, The Skinny, Louder Than War, Beatroute, God Is In The TV Zine, & BBC 6 Music among others.

Body Is Working is out now and available on 12″ LP, CD and digital download via Kingfisher Bluez (North America) and Barely Regal Records (UK/EU/rest of world).


Album premiering on Exclaim! + upcoming UK Album Launch tour dates
2 DEC 2016

We are beyond excited. Today, our debut LP Body Is Working is available worldwide. You can stream the LP now on Exclaim! and pick up your copy via the links below:

– UK + EU + ‘rest of world’ (12″ only) order via Barely Regal Records.
– USA + Canada (12″ only) order via Kingfisher Bluez.
– If you want a download or CD, please visit the Living Body Bandcamp.

We’re playing a bunch of songs from the record at our upcoming LP launch tour, which kicks off next week in Sheffield. Check out the gigs page, to see where we’re headed.



LP coming soon, here’s a sneak p👀k!
16 NOV 2016


December UK LP launch tour dates + 2nd single now streaming on Stereogum
1 NOV 2016

Back around the time of the “Sonic Cauldron” concert, I had this weird a dream where I was going through piles of storage with an old bandmate from college. We found a CD-R which we believed to contain some of our old demos and when I put it on, this is what came out of the stereo. I immediately woke up and wrote this song, “I Recollect”. Today, it is now premiering on Stereogum, along with details of our December LP launch shows.
Read the article via Stereogum and have a listen to the track below:

Come see our faces in the UK in these places… we will have RECORDS!

December 8: Sheffield – Picture House Social (ticket link / FB event)
December 9: Liverpool – Maguire’s Pizza Bar
December 10: London – The Waiting Room (FREE / FB event)
December 11: Leeds – Brudenell Social Club (ticket link / FB event)
December 16: Salford – The Eagle Inn (ticket link / FB event)
December 17: Newcastle – Jumpin’ Jacks (ticket link / FB event)
December 18: Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s (ticket link / FB event)
December 19: Glasgow – Hug & Pint (ticket link)

Here’s some links to where you can preorder the new LP:
– USA + Canada preorder via Kingfisher Bluez.
– UK + EU + ‘rest of world’ preorder via Barely Regal Records.
– If you want a download or CD, please visit the Living Body Bandcamp.

If you’re planning on coming to the LEEDS album launch show, you can get FREE ENTRY to the concert when you preorder the record from this website.

That’s all for now. Long live Living Body bicep emoji.


Debut album info + first single “Choose” now streaming on BrooklynVegan
14 OCT 2016

What up, world. It’s a big day here as the first single from our new record Body Is Working is now streaming on BrooklynVegan. Read their thoughts and have a listen to the track below:

Body Is Working will be released on December 2nd on 12″ vinyl, CD, and digital download. You can also now preorder the LP from our labels on both sides of the pond:
– USA + Canada preorder via Kingfisher Bluez.
– UK + EU + ‘rest of world’ preorder via Barely Regal Records.
– If you want a download or CD, please visit the Living Body Bandcamp.

In other news, we’re doing some gigs and festivals in October. Come show your faces!


Festivals + gigs in October, t-shirts now on sale, etc.
5 OCT 2016

We had such a good time on our first tour in July/August, so why stop now? Here are some more gigs and festivals we’ll be playing in the UK throughout October, check it:

October 9: Nottingham – Hockley Hustle (ticket link / FB event)
October 16: Manchester – Carefully Planned Festival (ticket link / FB event)
October 23: Cardiff – SŵN Festival (ticket link / FB event)
October 26: London – Lock Tavern (FREE entry / FB event)
October 27: Sheffield – Bungalows and Bears (FREE entry / FB event)
October 30: Leeds – Brudenell Social Club (ticket link / FB event)

In other news, Lucy Sherston drew up this design for some t-shirts for us…

The shirts are now available from our new online shop (AKA the Living Body Portal of Internet Commerce). Pick one up to help us fund our LP pressing and look great!

You can check out more of Lucy’s work at her website.


“Don’t Give Up On Me” (for hope, optimism, and the European Union)
28 JUNE 2016


In 1998, Empress, a band from Leeds, released their eponymous debut LP. In 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Living Body, a new band from Leeds, doesn’t think we should give up so easily. Dedicated to optimism and hope for the future, Living Body’s first single is a radically altered cover of Empress’s Don’t Give Up On Me.

Soon, we will embark on our first UK tour in spite of this tumultuous state of affairs:

July 23: Sheffield – Tramlines Festival (ticket link / FB event)
July 24: London – Old Blue Last (FREE entry / FB event)
July 25: Brighton – Green Door Store (FREE entry / FB event)
July 26: Derby – the Hairy Dog (ticket link) / FB event)
July 27: York – City Screen Basement (ticket link / FB event)
July 28: Glasgow – Broadcast (ticket link / FB event)
July 29: Newcastle – Cluny 2 (ticket link) / FB event)
July 30: Sunderland – Pop Recs Ltd. (FB event)
July 31: Leeds – Brudenell Social Club (FREE entry / FB event)
August 1: Manchester – Fallow Cafe (ticket link / FB event)

In celebration of a forthcoming tour and the possibility that all hope may not be lost, we are now offering the single as a free download from our Bandcamp page. We hope this may bring joy into the lives of others, and offer a break from the relentless mouths of politicians.

Stay tuned for news on a full-length LP, which will be coming later in the year on Kingfisher Bluez in the USA & Canada, and Barely Regal Records in the United Kingdom & Europe. After all, if we are to continue to exist, giving up must not be an option.