A taste of what’s to come on our upcoming tour…
22 FEB 2023

Y’all, our tour starts TOMORROW (dates, tickets & info here). In the meantime, here is a live session video of our new single ‘CONSUMER’ to get you pumped.

You can watch this now on YouTube in HD and make sure to subscribe to our page as we’ll be rolling out more new stuff this year!


First new music in over two years…
17 FEB 2023

Our new single ‘CONSUMER’ is out in the world on Bandcamp and hitting streaming services imminently. Thanks to everyone for checking it out so far. The track features Alice Rowan (Mayshe-Mayshe) on vocals, Jenna Isherwood on violas and Jack Burgess-Hunt on more guitars. All else performed, produced, mixed & mastered by Jeff T. Smith at the Bungalow. Stream/download here.


Back with the big band with new songs in 2023…
13 JAN 2023

After an intense period of introspection and ‘what the hell is the point of even being a musician’ throughout and following the pandemic, I have decided it really is a lot of fun. Or more specifically, there is some sort of cosmic importance in trying to bring joy into the lives of others in any way you know how. For me, this has always been through songwriting. I care about it very deeply and good songs have changed my life for the better. If I can have this impact, even just on a few, my life will have had some greater purpose than if I just sat at home on the internet, right? So, without further adieu, we are back in 2023 on our double-drumming, vocal-harmonising, hook-laden business:

February 23: Manchester – The Peer Hat (tickets | fb event)
February 24: Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s (tickets)
February 25: Newcastle – Summerhill Bowling Club (tickets | fb event)
March 2: Wakefield – Establishment Music Hall (tickets | fb event)
March 6: Leeds – Brudenell Social Club (FREE ENTRY RSVP here | fb event)
March 9: Derby – Dubrek Studios (tickets | fb event)
March 10: Sheffield – Hatch (tickets | fb event)
March 11: Bolton – The Factory (tickets)
March 20: Portsmouth – Edge of the Wedge (tickets | fb event)
March 21: Bristol – Crofter’s Rights (FREE ENTRY RSVP here | fb event)
March 22: Newport – Le Pub (tickets | fb event)
March 23: Oxford – Port Mahon (tickets | fb event)
March 24: London – The Cavendish Arms (tickets | fb event)
March 25: Leicester – Duffy’s Bar (tickets)

March 21-25 are with Apollo Ghosts from Vancouver, Canada. We are psyched to be joining them on their UK run!

Hope to see you out there, it might be a while until the next one. Life is fleeting. Long live Living Body.

Head over to the ‘live’ page for tickets and more info!